• Smokies Pork and Turkey (visit to see what flavours are available)
  • No added nitrates cooked bratwurst
  • Kielbasa, pepperettes and other varieties of smoked meat
  • Cooked ham, garlic meatloaf, chicken or turkey smoked luncheon meat
  • Gluten free cabbage rolls (made with rice AND meat together) $6 for 1/2 dozen
  • Cabbage roll sausages
  • Borscht to go (red beet soup with meat) $3.5 sm container $6 lg
  • Polish style potato salad 


Items made in house.  All meats are gluten free

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You will also find skin and body care products from Europe.

Local Honey Available.

Other items we sell

  • Perogies cooked or frozen
  • ​Mushroom tortelinnis
  • Custom meat and cheese trays
  • Large selection of groceries and sweets from Europe